Game constantly crashing in the new DLC (Pc, Epic)


Since the last update (dlc addition to the game) my game constantly crashes in the new area, more specific, during the “Case of wainright” mission, in the cementery. I had a few crashes before (1-3) but not as many as now (almost 8 in a day).

Is this normal? Anyone else is having this problem? (Im on Pc, Epic)


Yep same here. Same place. I’ve tried not using the Rakk Attack as suggested in other forums, but it still does it. Hopefully they release a patch to fix it. Makes the story line unplayable for me.

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Same here. Cant play mision cementery.

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We haven’t started the dlc yet but I had 3 freeze ups yesterday where I had to end task so I don’t have anything to submit.

When you guys crash, does the crash report window open & if so did you submit? Even if you didn’t you might still have a crash report that you could submit in a support ticket.

Wish I had more to offer, are all of you playing Fl4k?

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No i play as Zane. I cant submit anything beacuse when the game crases i have to reboot my entire pc :frowning: It seems this mission is bugged because a lot of people have told me the same.

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I have just had four game crashes in a row with Flak in the Handsome Jackpot DLC in the same place every time, and also have been getting huge game freezes too with my other characters. This has never happened before, but since all the new changes on Thursday, everything has gone weird. I`m now on Steam if that makes any difference?

I’m on Epic - 1st thing this am I ran the verify. Pretty sure I don’t know if anything was repaired like Steam does, so who knows?? I ran numerous trials today and no problems. I mean it can’t (shouldn’t) hurt.

I’d rather an actual crash than a freeze.

Post back if a verify helps or not.

Have the same problem, also have crashed before, but not as consistently as in that specific cemetery… Can’t progress, it is literally unplayable and i don’t know what to do, already verified files and everything

Hi there. I noticed that if I use Rakk Attack the game often crashes at first use. I was able to play normal as I started to play without my action skill.

Also I guess this graveyard is doomed. It even chrashes the game every minute without the main quest…

Bump Steam version