Game counts the Hunted rifle as legendary?

So I was using my eridian in Moxxis slot :thinking: and I rolled the 3 aces, wahoo I thought, orange weapon ahoy… Nope, I got a Hunt(Ed) rifle… Its blue… Not orange!!!

Does it have a red text line on the item card? Uniques (red text items) can be blue, purple, or orange rarity, but they all have some additional special effect not listed on the car.

Yeah that’s definitely a blue gun same sort of thing has happened to me with the companion it keeps showing it as purple when it’s a legendary as well

The Hunt(ed) is a unique but yes, it can world drop like a legendary. It’s special effect allows it to deal 250% damage against robots, an effect that might have been somewhat useful in Borderlands 2 and is outright pointless in Borderlands 3 unless you happen to be play Fl4k and have a particular legendary Class Mod which allows you to treat bosses like they are humans, animals and robots at the same time, thus making it possible to benefit from that kind of bonus. It’s still rather pointless, simply because even with the bonus, there are just better options and because outside of the Lyuda, Sniper Rifles aren’t really well suited for fighting bosses to begin with.

It does have red text yes, but the slot machine specifically shows orange weapons as the reward, and blue are a reward for a totally different outcome

The hunt… set of snipers (which are blue) and the companion (which shows up as purple sometimes) and I think the echo grenade (which is white) are part of the legendary loot pool. Remember the chest full of legendaries that you open in Lilith’s room after the story? It’s actually possible to open it up and only get the Hunted, it takes up like the whole chest…

There isn’t really a symbol for uniques, so you get legendary instead. You could probably get one of the purple uniques as well if you played long enough.