Game crash and character being erased

So I was trying to load into my game on my xbox one when it crashed. I went to load back in and my lever 32 fl4k and it put me as a level 1 Zane in the beginning map wtf? Is there any way of getting my character back?

Can you restore a cloud save?

I’m not sure how on xbox

If you have xbox live, your game may have been backed up to the cloud.

I do I just can’t find the cloud file to try and copy it of anything like that

I’m on PS4, but your Xbox settings or storage menu should have options for your cloud saves.

I’ve been looking and can’t find it anywhere I’ve searched where xbox support said it was but it’s not there so idk I think I’m just screwed

Perhaps, you don’t have the auto cloud backups set. You should, since it is probably free, since you have Live.
If you don’t have backups on the cloud, I don’t know what you can do, unfortunately.

I have the back up and it’s always saying its syncing with the cloud so idk if I can’t get my character back I’m gonna stop playing for a while because it’s just frustrating

If your game save file was backed up to the cloud, and you are able to restore the save, before a new backup occurs, you may get your character back. I hope you do.

Thanks for all your help I hope I can get it back

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On XB1 the only way you can really force the cloud save to download is to delete the local game data (from Games & Apps, then Manage). When you restart the game, the system should then sync the cloud version back to your local drive. This usually needs to be done immediately after a crash, as waiting too long (especially through several shutdown/restart cycles) can result in the update going to the cloud instead.

Unfortunately, MS took away the more detailed access to files that the 360 had, so you can’t access individual files on the system (only through whatever menus the game itself gives you)

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Thanks I think I waited too long so my character is just gone but thanks anyways