Game crash during prologue

I update RX560 drivers, update BIOS, change screen resolution - none of this helps, crash during, or after, prologue.

Same here on ps4. Rly great. Waiting for this game since years yeah now wait little longer for zhe Patch. Fk it

Not sure why your game in particular is crashing in the prologue, unless it’s not fully installed. Did you try a re-download or check that there’s nothing paused in your download queue?

Same on my xbox one. Every time i try loading the intro my game crashes. Great launch day.

Are you on XB1 or XB1X? If the latter, try switching your video options between optimizing performance and resolution.

Xb1. Ive done that and redownloaded the game.

If there’s nothing still pending in your download queue for the game, I’m not sure what to suggest. Mine seemed a bit slow to start up last night, but it did launch and I got a few hours in. I’d suggest filing a support ticket to see if the team there can help you out.

Well, problem solved with upgrading PC - 8 GB of RAM to 16 GB. So looks like 6 GB in minimum system requirements is lie, cuz game using minimum 8 GB, maybe cuz of denuvo.