Game crash, Level 50 char gone and bank is empty for all other characters

Hello there! My game crashed todaty (not the first time, no big deal). When I restarted it asked if I wanted to upload to the cloud or download. I mistakenly selected download. Now my level 50 Zane has gone. Also, having loaded my level 50 FL4K I have diascovered that my bank is completely empty.

Am I doomed to have lost that time investment?

In fact it is much more serious. I have lost all of my skins and my gaurdian points have gone wrong. IOt says I have 75 in one of the catagories but none of the perks are available, they are not highlighted (including the skins). I think all my characters are broken as a result.

There are a couple of potential work-arounds, depending on how your system is set up. There may be .tmp versions of your save files you can rename to restore the pre-crash versions. Bank and cosmetics are in a separate file called (iirc) profile.sav - that one may be a bit more of a problem, because I don’t know if there’s a .tmp version ever created. The other solution is if you have Windows incremental backups enabled - that lets you right click on a folder and roll back to a previous version.

You can find more details about these potential solutions in this thread: