Game crash on PC

Dear team,

I guess that you are aware of the issues.
Only BL3 and Discord running , web browser and other applications closed.
No USB connected apart from keyboard, mouse and speakers.

OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Processor: i5-7600k
Motherboard: Asus Prime Z270-k
Graphic card: Asus 1060 OC 6Gb
RAM: 16Gb

Things I’ve tried r:

Installed the latest drivers for my GTX1060.
Verified the game in the Epic Launcher.
Updated the Epic Launcher, then verified the game.
Uninstalled and reinstalled the game.
Switch to DirectX12.

It doesn’t matter when, game will crash randomly not giving any error, pc get completely freeze and the only option is hard reset it.

My pc works perfectly while playing BF5, Overwatch, Witcher 3 or many many other games it only happen while playing BL3.

It’s the same for me and for 2 other colleagues I play with.
It doesnt matter when, If I’m doing the Maliwan raid or leveling a new character game will crash without any error.

Please acknowledge it and provide a solution.

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Hello !

Same here, it happens 100% of the time in the DLC Maliwan. We tried alone, at two, hosted on different PC, always the same, game crash randomly during the mission and there is no error message at all, no way to report anything we can just kill the game from the task manager.

Really boring, we can’t finish this endgame DLC just because of this crash.

Please provide us any help or way to help you by providing you some data.

Thanks !

Same for me, mine crashes every single time in the takedown on that part nearly the end when the 4 heavyweights spawn , but only when playing with friends or in matchmaking, did a couple of solo runs and it didn’t crash.
It also crashes for my two friends at the same point and sometimes during the Valkyrie boss.
Computer just freeze completely forcing a reboot.
Would be good to at least get some words from gearbox about this because it feels like they are completely ignoring this problem like its nothing serious.

Same - I just started crashing today.

Within 5 minutes of game start the entire PC freezes completely. No Win-Tab, no CTRL-ALT-DEL, complete lockup.

If I wait about 5+ minutes, eventually Win10 pops the new BSOD stating that it’s had a “DPC Violation” and never does the gathering of info, so requires a hard reset.

Same thing now three times after NOT A SINGLE CRASH prior to today. :frowning:

As expected, they just ignore everything related to game crashes…
I can’t even properly enjoy the farming frenzy event on the takedown because it crashes about 1 out of 3 runs playing solo and every single time when playing multiplayer, sometimes in the Valkyries and sometimes just before wotan’s.
I used to have so much respect for the Gearbox team, but after this Bordelands my respect its just droping by the day with the amount of problems this game is having since day 1.

I had the same today 2 runs to Maliwan takedown, 1 great no issues, 2nd crashed after killing the Valkyries , no error nothing, forced to restart the pc.

I feel frustrated and dont want to play the game. Its ruining my experience.

Well, i have been looking over the internet for possible fixes on the crashes in the Maliwan site and i think i found something that at least worked for me, i droped my ingame resolution to 1600 x 900 and turned off the anti-aliasing, didn’t had any crashes on the site after that.
There was some other things people mentioned but i was allready using it which is running the game with vsync on and in fullscreen mode.