Game crash on windows lost all but one character

So yesterday I was playing the latest and greatest DLC and the game became slow and stopped responding. Managed to ctrl-alt-delete and stop the game. Started the game up fine again and no probelms. Several more starts and stops, no problems and then finally one hard crash to the desktop that resulted in some sort of memory not allocated error notice (unfortunately the desktop was in a bad state and I could not copy the message. Stopped playing for the day. The next day (today) I started up the game to find that I have lost all my characters except the one I was playing the day before. I have steam cloud enabled yet nothing will sync up. Any advice would be appreciated.

edit: The game seems to be really unstable in the area of the Subconscious in the new dlc content. I was just playing through that area and realized all my progress through that area was not present in fact this is the area where the crash happened. The game becomes very unstable in this area when playing it.
Windows 7 fully updated
Nvidia gtx 660ftw with the latest drivers.
Processor : AMD Phenom II X4 955e @ 3200 MHz
Mainboard : Gigabyte GA-970A-D3
Just a little wierd I would lose my other saves and not the one I was playing.

So any love here or what? More than 400 hrs in B-TPS alone and PC players are left out in the cold. Just a little dissapointed(not to mention a little dissapointed in the spell checker). Yeah everyone else got the collection isn’t that great and pc’s got nothing. I don’t expect to get my saves back (tried to recover the sectors on my drive) but I think this is something that should be investigated. My first experiences with B-TPS was nothing but crashes until I played on Linux where it was rock solid (props to the people who ported it!) and I feel that is where I am again. Time play on Linux again. Any way I was hoping that someone could look into this when the have time, knowing you are all busy. If you need more info I would try my best to help.