Game crash upon completion of Algorithm story mode

Has any body else suffered this most frustrating of glitches? I solo’d the algorithm mission last night, earned a few nice little loot packs, eagerly awaited the main screen to reload so I could go open them to see what I’d won and freeze frame then booted to the loading and que screen and was unable to get into the loadout section to see if my loot had been salvaged or if I’d lost them. Does anybody know, when loot if collected in game is it uploaded/synchronised to your character straight away or does it depend on completing the level and being ‘finalised’ at the end game stats screen?

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we just finished the mission (killed the boss) screen went blank then little blue explosions started & game stuck. Had to quit game no rewards.

I got this crash, right after killing ISAC. something about failing to continue or something. I had SOME loot that saved, so maybe i got it all (?). i dont know if Battleborn considers me to have finished the mission though.

Yeah, there’s a thread in the bug section: