Game crashed, All progress lost!?

I was level 57, playing in TVHM and my game crashed last night. It was late so i went to bed. Woke this A.M. to play more and my game is reset!? There’s no .tmp file in my save games folder. However, I still have my vault on pandora full of high level gear, badass points progression and I think most of my character upgrade points. WHATS GIVES?? How can I get my saved game back? I have grinded through the game, The Handsome Jackpot, Mixxies Heist, and Love and Tentacles…or whatever, for DAYS and DAYS and this is how it all ends? PLEASE HELP, Thank you

Ugh, that really sux. Whichever launcher/system you use; please turn off cloud saves to prevent future data loss.

You looked for a .tmp file but there’s also something about Windows saving incremental* files. I’m sure I’ll get it wrong; sorry best bet search google “restore previous version of game file”.

Sorry wish I was more help

*If it was enabled

Okay, thanks for the tip. It really does suck but hey thats part of the “game” :slightly_smiling_face:. Happy gaming, Scott

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