Game Crashes between the intro video and character creation

Hey fellas, I’ve never had the need to post here but being a diehard BL fan, I just couldnt get into the damned game at all yesterday, I just had to turn to the forums to get some help, anyhow, here’s the problem.

Keeps crashing in between the intro video (2k, amd, and all that) and whenever I set the intro where marcus speaks, I’ve tried updating graphic drivers, motherboard, bios, you name it, keeps crashing and I get the unreal engine crash report with nothing on it, I havent had any sort of problems before, my system has been built pretty recently, I’ll list the specs down below in any case, any help would be much appreciated

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (ran tests under and overclocked to no avail)
Asus Strix 1660 ti (same thing here, ran all sort of tests and nothing)
2x8 DDR4 Ballistix 3200 MHz
MSI B450m Bazooka Motherboard

Also, I sometimes get a error related to dx12/11/10 can’t really remember, anyways, like I said, help would be much appreciated

I have the same problem, when I opened it for the first time I managed to create the character normally, but then the game would crash whenever the character should load.

I deleted the save directly in the folder and tried to create another character, but it didn’t work: /

I have crashes on launch of the game. After cople of try’s it runes normal then in 1 hour crashes again in chain.