Game crashes from catch a ride

I found the bandit technical with the minechucker weapon, when I drive it to the catch a ride and put it into the system it crashes my game, iv done it a few times now and same point everytime game crashes as it gets loaded into the catch a ride.
Think it has to be a big, has anyone else found this?

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Same exact thing happens to me. Tried multiple times. Definitely a bug

I found a fix for this ATM drive it close to the catch rided then drive enough where the two wheels will touch it and jump out shouldn’t crash the game

Encountering the same thing every single time I reload the game and try again (on XBox too, so it isn’t a console specific bug)

Hey I just did this, it still crashed I’ve got a video of it 2. So how did it not crash 4 u

Ok, you probably did it wrong, i did it and it worked fine

Yea just got to this part of the game and it’s consistently crashed on me anyone know when they are gonna send out an update?

My game crashes on the Spare Tire Technical every time I try to load it into Catch-a-Ride. I’ve tried multiple times at different Catch-a-Rides. Crashes every time (PS4). Very frustrating.

Happening to me too. Found a technical with a tire launcher. 3 times in a row. Twice at the same catch a ride, then I tried a different one further away and it still happened.

FOUND A WORK AROUND! I completely restarted my PS4, grabbed the technical, drive only the front 2 tires onto the catch a ride spot then immediately hit X to switch to the gunner seat. Took the ride with no crash. I’m not sure which step(s) in that walk through was the fix but wanted to give you all the things I did that bypassed the glitch.

Or it’s what happens when there’s a bug in a game that was released unfinished.

Thank you guys that put up a solution. Really helped