Game crashes on item menu

Hey I’m playing borderlands 3 on my ps4 pro I have issues with crashes on item menu it only does it sometimes tho but today the game have crashed 2 times with application error ce-34878-0 so I had enough so I rebuild my database on my ps4 pro for hoping is not doing it again.

I have also noticed that some areas in the game there is some framrate drop sometimes worse and sometimes small hiccups and the item menu sometimes slow when opening it and the textures don’t show up sometimes and sometimes glitchy

Btw I am playing with gunner clas moze those crashes happened only 2 hours after each other because I have seen on my ps4 pro history crash error logs I have also turned online multiplayer mode off when I playing by my self when playing with my friends coop online multiplayer the framerates drops getting worse sometimes so what can I do.

I have also been experiencing crashes when accessing the inventory / backpack menu. I am playing on a standard / base PlayStation 4. My game will randomly crash when I go into the inventory / backpack menu. Sometimes I can play for several hours before the crash occurs, and sometimes the crash happens mere minutes after booting up the game. It is completely random when and where the crash happens, but it is definitely the inventory / backpack menu that causes it. Every time I play the game now I dread having to open the item menu, because I know there is a chance it will crash my game. The crash does not always happen right away. Sometimes it happens the moment I open the inventory / backpack menu, and sometimes it only happens a few seconds after opening the menu.

Does anyone know if there is any way to make the developers aware of this so that they can look into this issue?