Game crashes please fix

When playing the latest dlc mission to kill Lt. Angvar. My game crashes during the cutscene every time. Anything to do to fix this??

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Have you tried re-downloading the DLC? Most likely there’s some issue reading data from your drive. (Playing on original XB1 myself without any issues through the new DLC.)

I uninstalled game and all dlc and re installed it and still have the same issue

Not sure why your game would keep crashing in the same place. You could file a support ticket. While you are waiting, you might want to try some other trouble-shooting steps (since support may well ask you to try these anyway):

  • Full power reset to clear cached data (disconnect the power supply from the wall socket then press and hold the power button)
  • Factory reset - I’d suggest the option to leave games & apps in place, then restore your profile and saves from the cloud

Exactly the same problem on my xbox one x. If you press the xbox button on your pad and bring up the side bar the cut scene will play in the background without crashing. But then during the actual fight… crash with power off. Re booting gives the ventilation error. I have cleaned out my xbox and replaced the thermal paste but it still happens. Playing with the 4k update too

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That’s what happens to me every time. Might be a problem with just Xbox one x

I’m going to uninstall the 4k update and see if that works. Give me 10 mins lol

Ok. Uninstalled the 4k update and NO crash! Just played through the section and killed the boss. Tbh couldn’t really tell much difference in graphics either

OK Thanks for checking that - can you pass on that information via a support ticket? If you’ve already submitted one, just hit reply on the last email from the support desk and add the info to the top. It would be appreciated - thanks!

Ok thanks I’ll uninstall that and play through it