Game crashes randomly

Hey Players,

so since the beginning BL:TPS is crashing on random places in random amount of time playing it.
It happend like 2mins after walking around, also nothing happend for like 3h of playing it.
I already repaired the game via Steam. Nothing found. I’ve got a Screenshot of the Error-Message:

Hope you can help me.

Assertion failure after a Steam repair?

When you say repair, was it, “verify the integrity of game files…” or something else?

Yes, thats what i clicked on. And no, not after this Steam repair. There was no Message. Just said its fine.
The Error Message pops up right after BL:TPS crashes. No details or anything.
I’m out of ideas.

That’s probably support ticket material… I only have some random guesses (that won’t be as robust as the first batch of boilerplate that tech support will likely walk you through).