Game crashes when using imported Character

Hi folks

So i just found out how to import my old characters from the Original Borderlands Game of the 360 but my Game crashes everytime when i try to load my importet character.

This happens while the map is loading (after i selected the char and run 1 or 2)

What happens is that in the middle of loading i get thrown back to my Xbox Home Menu
I tried restart the game a couple of times but it seems that i can’t get past the loading screen.

The character which i created in the remastered version works without any issues so far.

Does anyone have the same issues or maybe even knows whats causing this crash?
Oh, it’s a max Siren lvl 69 which can’t load
My new Siren lvl 61 works

Does the siren have a heavily over-stuffed backpack? That might do it. Both my level 69 characters came over just fine, but they both had at least a couple of empty slots.

I just tried that, good call but sadly didn’t had any effect.

i had 44 items with me, tossed 4 of them away and exported/imported my siren again… :frowning:

Are there some issues with modded weapons? i collected or rather recieved some over the hours of playing online. they are in my bank though.

Probably? I know not all legitimate items survive the import, so it would not surprise me in the least if less than legitimate ones caused problems. But that is not talked about here!

Welp i’ve had some time before going to work.

I guess my Siren char is just broken since another one worked^^

  • My backpack capacity is 45 (legally), it seems in remastered version it only goes up to 42 - could be a reason
  • Or the fact that my Siren has more Skill-checks than normally possible - could definitelly be a reason xD

It seems it’s not a matter of modded weapons, i’ve sold everything and Siren still doesn’t work.

But i know now that it works so the topic can be closed, thanks for your help and ideas