Game crashes Xbox one x

When playing borderlands 3 my Xbox one x randomly crashes and completely shuts down is there going to be a fix for this? I noticed it happened more frequently when trying to connect to my friends game when I was playing split screen.

same here. would like a patch.

Started happening to me today also. When I try to join a game it either goes black screen or xbox one x shuts down.

Well! I have given up. Very disappointed. I have tried all the tips and nothing seems to work for me. I think it just needs to get fixed by gearbox. I am moving to a different game and not putting my poor Xbox 1x through the torcher of running borderlands 3.

Been having these issues too. Mainly during cut scenes, especially with first meeting Vaugh. Xbox tells me due to over heat, which its not even surrounded by anything.

almost every time my friend sends me game invite into sanctuary the game crashess and sometimes also turns off my xbox…there seems to be a bug in maps view as well as it alwasy crashes when im in there as well

anthem had simmilar issues crashing playstation so whats the deal?

My husband, my brother-in-law, and myself all have issues with the game crashing, which usually results in our Xbox Ones crashing. To be clear, this means we have to get up and power the Xbox on manually, and wait a few minutes until the initial start up screens are done, then relaunch the game, wait for the initial screens to clear before trying again. The crashes we have seen have only happened when one or two of us join the third person’s game using the in-game menu (not the Xbox menu join option). The one time we tried the Xbox menu however, the same crash occurred. This also happens frequently when my husband tries to join my game or vice versa, so it does not appear to be a 3 player party issue. Each of us have our own Xbox, and each of us are connected via Ethernet connection (2 different ISPs). I can’t think of any other information that might be needed to help identify and resolve this issue.