Game crashing a lot


I’ve been playing BL3 for some time now and I did not experience any crashes at all. Until that event update came my new save file (Amara) is crashing every 30 minutes - 1 hour. I only play COOP on that save file with my brother, he plays as Moze and had 0 crashes, for me it is unplayable. I’ve heard a lot of people talking about game crashes when you play amara or fl4k. Can this be fixed? And are they gonna fix this in a new update?


It’s funny, I only get crashes on cryo Zane. I’ve had very few crashes on Amara (my main).

All I can suggest is opening a crash report.

I play Amara and I played a lot of Moze before, the game crashes to the desktop at different intervals, once every two days, and once it crashes me every half hour/hour, no matter who I play

They really have to do something about this, most of the time it is just the game crashing. But in rare occasions my entire PC freezes because of this game. It has nothing to do with my PC because this is the only game I have this problem. My main is Zane and again I only played COOP on that save. My brother played FL4K and he had crashes, I had none, now he plays Moze and has no crashes and I play Amara and I crash a lot. In my brother’s case he had random crashes, it could be after 30 minutes or after 3. For me it is 30 minutes to an hour

Hopefully this gets fixed.

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