Game crashing at certain points

my game has been fine until yesterday when for exactly 2 second after i loaded in my character the game crashes. I checked my drivers and they needed updating so i did this and restarted my pc and tried again. It worked for a bit with no crashes and then started to crash when loading new areas so i just kept restarting it and it was working. then i get to the jakobs manor mission and now it crashes every time i try to load the area, ive tried everything from lowering my graphics settings, turned on v sync, changed to full screen and still keeps crashing. Ive also run benchmark tests and its running absolutely fine not dropping below 100fps once. HELP!

I have had similar crashes as well. Usually after 20 minutes. I set to windows borderless mode and it has been working fine so far. Don’t understand why, it was running fine
and I never had any issues when I bought it through Epic.

If they Epic version worked fine, and Steam does not I would try validating the files in Steam. If that does not work I have had to delete a game and re download it more than once. Also make sure you uninstall the Epic version before you install the Steam version, as there may be some DRM or other file that could be tided to Epic, linger if you install Steam over the top, and then cause the Steam version to glitch.

Also please post your Processor, RAM, and Video card and check that your drivers are the most current ones. Because I have had more than one driver version start causing problems with a game that was running fine after it installed.