Game crashing at "downloading updates" on start up

Hi guys,

so I just came back to BL2 after awhile and after I “press any key”, the game goes on to search for downloadable content and it starts to “download updates” and then it crashes and I get a “fatal error msvcr100.dll”

I have tried reinstalling and it worked once and the next time I opened BL2 I get the same error again and it crashes. I have also tried many other remedies such as:
reinstalling Microsoft .net 4 client profile
using “verify local game cache” in steam
launching from Borderlands 2 exe instead of the launcher
reinstalling Microsoft visual studio update
creating steam_appid.txt in Win32 folder with content: 49520
and many other fixes but they all don’t work
the closest I got to getting the game to work was reinstalling and it only worked once after that.

Please help as I just got 3 other friends to buy the game but I cant play with them now.

i also desperately need help with this so i shall reply hoping someone comes to our aid