Game Crashing Constantly

Can’t even play the game for 30 seconds without it crashing constantly. 1080 ti and an i7 game runs flawless for 10 seconds than crashes, unistalled and reinstalled, upgrading gpu drivers etc and nothing :frowning: dropped 100$ been trying to fix this for the past 4 hours but now its 2:53 am :frowning:

I hear you there, got a 1080 myself and did all the above. The game crashes everytime I hit continue and the cinematic for the game starts for the new planet. Been trying to fix it for the last 3 hours. Took a day off from work to play this and now it looks im out of luck. =( Gearbox please fix these issues asap!

I’d post this in the Tech Support thread.

I’m running an AMD CPU/GPU and it’s been perfect for 5 hours. So must be an NVidia driver issue?

it has to be bro, all my games run flawless etc, no issues tested all my stressful games, this game legit takes a poop on the gpu idk why, when the game runs im at 150 fps than boom it freezes, and legit crashed my gpu

same problem on r5 2600/1066, crash every 2-30 min. My friend with 2060 dont have same problem, think new driver for 10xx series card broken

Bump. Crashing on 2080ti within minutes. Has to be game-side.