Game Crashing Cutscene

Game Crash at specific cutscene when meeting troy at the Jakob’s Estate, I’ve done everything I thought might fix it. I’ve tried adjusting most of the settings and reinstalling the game. But I just can’t get through this. Every time it cuts into the cut-scene it plays for a few seconds, around 5-20 seconds before the games crashes.

PC: Intel i7 5960x @ 3.00
Rampage V Extreme
32 GB DDR4

Ugh, that sux. I don’t have anything helpful to try but see if you are getting a crash log (same date/time as game crash). If you do I’d suggest submitting all of that with your save file into a 2k support ticket. Once you get past the 1st level auto-reply they might be able to help.

Oops just thought of something; have you tried various screen resolutions?