Game crashing for no apparent reason

Hi guys, since I bought the game some months ago, this problem happens to me for no apparent reason, and only occurs on Borderlands 2, and no other of my games. Here’s the situation: I’m just playing and from nowhere, the screen freezes and the game stops working and automatically closes, this happens on all kind of scenarios, from loading screens to walking in empty areas. There are days that it’s impossible to play the game, and other days that the problem not even occurs, it’s very random. I’ll leave a screenshot of my system specs for you guys take a look, it’s in portuguese, but I think that you’ll understand the core aspects of the system, the important ones. I really like the game and I hate when I can’t play it for such a stupid reason. Please, help me guys.

WIndows 10 seems to be an issue for BL2. See the following thread, and particularly the last post:

Some other potentially relevant threads are:

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Thanks for the advice! I’ll sure take a good look on these.