Game crashing/freezing after character selection

when i enter the character that i want the game crashes/freezes,already uninstalled and installed again,how do i fix
edit: reaching for tech support

Apparently I have the same / a similar problem.
I installed the game today and can play about 2-20 minutes without problems. After that ALWAYS crashes and the program stops responding.
Please help :slight_smile:

Edit: i already tried - reinstall; check the data for corroption; tried lowest grafix tried highest grafix;

my next step is trying the HD Grafik Update

Edit 2: PhysX Low and setting game priority to realtime didn’t work either
Any Solutions?

EDIT 3: only happens online (whilew gaming with 1-3 other players)
Solo = no freeze

Edit4 : Reaching out for tech support

Try changing network mode from online public to invite only or friends only.

Check the Windows Firewall settings for Borderlands 2 (regardless of whether you have it turned on or off) - another person ran into an issue with that the other day.