Game crashing need help

Hey ppl i need help. I just bought some games on discount and borderlands 2 was one of it with all dlc. Problem it keeps crashing when i play online or split screen. I cant find any solution for this. I found several posts about this and ppl that quitted the game in the 2015 16 years. Someone told its an autosave glitch where the amount of data collected makes the game crash after time. But this dont help me. Cant believe ppl still playing online and only me got this glitch. Any solution available?

Hey there. Welcome to the forums. I’ve never encountered this, but I also don’t play multiplayer very often. Have you downloaded all of the patches and updates? If you already have and still experience this problem you can always file a ticket with Gearbox tech support.

@Vaulthunter101, there is another thread for this same question. Would you kindly close the duplicate? Also, can you share the link for a tech support ticket? I’m not sure where to find it. Thank you.

Google pls borderlands 2 ps3 freeze fix . Here are all the ppl that had this glitch and tryd a workaround. But nothin helpd. Here u can see the main problem. Lot of ppl had this years ago and left the game. Just thought over the years maybe someone got around it. Or go youtube search borderlands 2 autosave freeze glitch workaround console. But all didnt help me. Its a common bug.

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I would second the suggestion of contacting the support desk to see if they have a solution:

Do you know if you have the most recent title update installed? (That would be the October 2015 patch.)

Patch and stuff is all installed automatic. I tryd to help myself deleting savedata and utility data after reinstalling but nothing helped. I contacted support.

OK. Please post back if you get a working solution.

Im not sure but…i made first progress today by deleting one of the bigger games i think. Since there is no error m3ssage it could be that the harddrive was to full. I will continue testing it the next 3 days and report again. Would be fun if lots of ppl stopped playing the game just becuz their hd is full and no one recognizes… i made 3 side missions in a row online and nothing happend. Before deleting the other game it crashed at tthe end of the mission were u meet lilith. I will do this again the next days to test.

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OK Thanks for posting back. Is there a way on PS3 to see how much of your storage is full? IIRC you should also be able to move stuff off the main drive onto an external storage drive to save having to re-download stuff?

Im not experienced with ps3. I took it from daughter as she got ps4. The bad news it crashed again. The good news, i was able to do firehawk mission to end. Seems it just extendet the time i can play a bit. I killed like 34 gb.

It is June 2019 now the new Lilith dlc came out for borderlands 2 and all of a sudden every time I pass a game save checkpoint my game freezes up.
This has never happened before but it looks like it has been happening for years now and hear box or Tec. Support seems to be oblivious to this :man_shrugging:t3:
Might I add I have been playing on ps4
And no hard drive space is not the problem

Completely freezes or just pauses momentarily? Do you have the cloud sync enabled or are you using local saves only?

BTW, the person you replied to was playing on an old PS3, so not exactly the same situation.

It completely freezes .

Sounds like the game is having a problem writing the save file for some reason. You can file a support ticket for assistance; you may also want to do the usual PS trouble-shooting/maintenance steps.

see I looked this up on the forum and other people are having this issue.
Why is it that this is being ignored?
This is an issue where the handsome collection will not work properly with old carryover saves.
This freezing at checkpoints is not only happening To me .
I however started a new game under a different account and the problem doesn’t happen but everything that I have unlocked over the years is gone and it makes me not wanna play anymore :confused:

The issue is not necessarily with the older areas at all. There could well be multiple causes; if so, that simply makes it much harder to diagnose and fix.

The more you’ve played, the bigger the save files get. There might be stale data clogging up the space allocated for the game on disk; or it might be an issue with how the cloud sync system caches files for backup. (XB1 is bad for that, since save files have low network priority so they take a lot longer to transfer than you’d think they need to.). You may want to try making sure you have all your data properly backed up, then do a console reset and re-download your profile and saves.

So glitch is connected to account


Who said anything about an account?

It happens to me too