Game crashing over and over

On PS4 pro, trying to do the quest “the once and future slab” and the game always crashes in the arena. This is 4 player couch coop. We can’t progress past this story mission.

Anyone else having this issue?
I have rebuilt the database.

Are you running with the high res textures installed and active? That area can get pretty intense even solo with effects etc., so four-player local co-op with the high res textures would strain the system pretty hard.

Did you delete the game data (not the save data) and trigger a reinstall? Missing/corrupt game resources could potentially be an issue as well.

Otherwise, I’d recommend filing a support ticket just in case it’s a new or known issue.

Yes the high res textures.

We were able to get past it with just two player coop then we regrouped. Still might open a ticket so they are aware of it, since the crash usually happened at the beginning of the Brick cut scene.

Cut scenes seem to be a bit of a problem with the new textures for some reason. If you could file a ticket describing the problem and what you did to get around it, that would be helpful.