Game crashing since winter update

Hey gearbox support team , i have seen some bugs ingame that didn’t bother me , but since the winter update my game started crashing sometimes . It happened the 8th or 9th time now and i never had some of that before the update . It not only crashes my computer crashes too xD nothing helps than restarting the computer which is pretty annoying .
I have windows 8 and a pretty old lenovo laptop , what shouldn’t be a problem . The game always ran smoothly except for some tempest maps :stuck_out_tongue:
I saw some other guys have crashes in the menues , my game/laptop crashes just in the middle of action in pvp or at the boss of the new op :frowning: Pretty sure you’re already working on it , please fix it guys .

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Since system specs can vary widely on the PC side, but could be important to determining causes and finding fixes, may I suggest filing an actual support ticket?

is it happening when you use in game voice chat? Myself and a few others I have come across on PC have been unable to use in game voice chat because it crashes Steam and thereby freezes up Battleborn. This started after the demon bear update.

No it just happened out of nowhere , i don’t really use voicechat anyway . BUT it has stopped for some reason . Didn’t change anything , so it might has been just a temporary bug :stuck_out_tongue: Sry for that late reply