Game dead from where i live (colorado)

imo alani is still too annoying. ever since she came out people got so annoyed and started leaving, and today I am also quitting this game and going back to WoW for several reasons.

alani still too op

players can just alt-f4 before they die… no punishment

lots of players cheating in this game

lots of hitbox issues / invisible walls/ collision issues

etc . etc. etc.

i tried to make a lot of threads giving ideas and cirticism but it seems no1 cres.

oh well, they say not all good things last forever,.

honestly… battleborn had its flaws but i was hooked for awhile… it was probably the best game ever until alani came along. also the matchmaking seems very weird cuz all day troday i got grouped up against nothing but premades. that sucks… its basically 5v1 at that point… not fun at all… shouldnt even be possible imo. 5 people focuisng on 1 target at a time, witha pocket healer = game over for pug team.

your game was amazing, but i thibnk your constant lack of support for your playerbase is what killed your game so fat.

good luck .

Seeya! :slight_smile:


Well considering there are hot fixes every single Thursday and we’ve already had one big patch, I’d argue they’ve been plenty forthcoming with support, and Alanis health nerf was just the beginning they are going to tweak her some more…


I agree with alani needing more nerf.

I’m curious what cheats you’re seeing though. I’ve only seen one person that was pretty obviously botting with marq. That is the only cheater I’ve come across in having played for several weeks.

I’m in SD, takes a min or 2 to get a match going, Colorado isn’t too far from me. How long it taking you to get a match?

I’m from the same state and while I definitely see longer wait times happening since last week, I’m still enjoying it. It takes at least 10 minutes to find a match now. Im on ps4 though, and still kicking alanis ass.

Sorry you feel that way! Everyone will have their own opinion. I’m sure there are others who might feel the same way, but I on the otherhand feel Alani was a great asset to the game and I will continue to play Battleborn. I look forward to what else Gearbox has in store.

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Do we really need another post about the game being dead?


Alani is fine, just CC her and shes dead. Myself and my friends have yet to have a problem with her in a 1v1 fight.

To the two or three people here saying Alani still needs a nerf…I killed her the day she was released. I kill her now.

I would like you to explain why she still needs nerfs and why you as a player don’t need to just get better.


Of course we do. Everybody needs to express their opinions on how this game is dying without offering suggestions on how to fix things that don’t involve ranting and/or profanity. How would we know otherwise?


im going a bit out of character here to say this but dude this is you’r 5th post about alanai we get you dont like her.And not to mention but if half the people yelling the game is dead the game is dead actually played the game it wouldnt be even close to dead also patch,s every week adding buffing and nerfing when and where we ask yeah totally sounds like they arnt supporting this game also if you “love this game” then why are you not playing it?


Hmmm, I go against premades sometimes to when I rarely solo queue or duo queue, but I/We usely win about 50% or even more of the time.

I also don’t see how they have had a lack of support. It takes time to do/fix things. The game is still fun.

Also pretty sure your state has nothing to do with anything.
Everyone saying they kick Alani’s ass. Must be bad Alani’s then.

It’s been one month… and they’vee given us 3 packed hotfixes and a major patch… They’ve been godly with the support. They can’t fix everything immediately because tehy keep all of the systems on the same schedule and certification for major patches takes a while for consoles. Even so, they’ve been able to get one out in half a month.

But no worries. Have fun. Sorry the creator of the game didn’t check your threads, he was probably too busy fixing those problems. (well, the entire team)


Well I was gonna write on here why half of your post is just wrong and the other half is opinion from what I can tell about half the people agree with you about alani(I rarely have a problem with her) but since everybody else already said basically what I was going to say I guess I’m just writing this post because I’m bored n waiting on my game to start so I can take out alani :grin:

Just wonder, are you on PC and if so, what game type so I can queue and play as Alani on the other team?

I’m on ps4…im not sayin there’s no good alani players out there but its more about skill lvl of the player than it is about the character

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I’m on ps4 in Colorado. Game is very alive and kicking, rarely see the same players, and I have a lot of fun matches. :slight_smile: but enjoy your subscription based grinding!