Game deletes my save files every time i exit the game

the game deletes my save files every time i exit the game its something to do with my config file but i dont know what im missing i bought the steam key on an it works just i wont let me keep my save files my brother has no problem with this at all. i really wanna play the game but i dont wanna start over every time.

Are your save files set to read only? If you go into (usual place) documents/my games/borderlands 2 and check all the folders to make sure they’re not you may solve it.

i go to my files through steam but i put my borderlands 2 folder in the my games folder

And they’re not set to read only? The game won’t save if they are, that’s the only reason I can think of off the top of my head

how do you set it to read only?

it also wont let me change my game settings in the splash screen. something to do with the config files i reinstalled the game it still didnt work.

yea i just have no save files at all i made my own file but it still doesnt work the game files have to be corrupted i checked the read only thing doesnt work idk i guess i just wont play the game was really looking forward to playing on pc but oh well.

Hmm. Have you tried verifying the integrity of the cache in steam? Right click on the game in your library and go to properties.

yeah i did that still didnt work idk man i fix it sometime this week.

Just when I think I’m gonna bite the bullet and buy a gaming PC and get off the xbox one…then I read these stories about steam not working and I appreciate my xbox one just a little bit more than before :slight_smile: