👾 Game: Design a Boss & it's legendary drop!

Ever wanted to make your own Borderlands Boss? Sure you have! If not I’m sure you’ve thought up some gun ideas. So lets share, make a boss or rare monster and design what loot it gets.

Some simple groundrules/guidelines

  1. It can not drop legendaries already bound to other bosses.
  2. It is assumed world drops are included even if not stated.
  3. If it ties directly to the story use a Spoilers “tag
  4. Keep your personal vendettas toward the game out of this please.
  5. Have fun with it. Include boss/drop gimmick and flavor text if you want. The more details the better.

That said here’s mine to start with

Side-Quest Boss: "AhMori"

“Very Greedy, Not Very Picky”

Description: AhMori is a weapons collector who digistucted all the guns she owns into a single firearm. While you fight her weapon will constantly change between Shotguns, SMGs, Rocket Lauchers, etc. everytime she reloads. However if there happens to be a gun on the ground she will run to it and digistruct it into her own weapon and use whatever she claimed and it will be stronger for her until she reloads into a new firearm.

Tactics: You can go into the fight with some junk loot and scatter it around to force her hoarding nature out of her to get some easy shots on her. Shields/mods/artifacts have no interest to AhMori since she’s a weapons collector.

Loot: A special gimmick with AhMori’s Loot drops is whatever gun type she was using when she died that type of legendary has a higher chance of spawning. If she was using a pistol when you killed her it’s more likely she will drop a pistol and not something like a shotgun. So when she’s low on health you could in theory throw her a rocket launcher and when she steals it off the ground it’s likely you will get a different launcher back (though not guaranteed do so at your own risk)

Unique Legendary

Name: “AhMori’s Armory”
Manufacturer: Tediore
Flavor text: “Everything you need when you dont need it”
Description: Instead of reloading it turns into a different weapon.
Default stat: 25-50% faster reload speed

In your inventory it looks like a wrist gauntlet and when you swap to it, it’ll digistruct a gun in your hand. Guns with duel firing modes such as Valdof or Dahl wont have a secondary mode, instead it will pick for you at random so it could become a Vladof sniper but instead of the sniper your gonna fire the underbarrel shotgun.

How/Where to get the quest

Quest Name: Loot-o-holic
Quest Provider: Marcus
Quest Description: Marcus needs your help, track down the blackmarket weapons trader AhMori who’s been giving the bandits in the area a better price then Marcus can compete with

In game dialog:
Marcus - "Vault hunter the unthinkable has happened! Bandits in the area have started selling their wares to another arms dealer named AhMori. As much as hate dealing with those cretins they are vital part of my business. You see when you kill bandits, they sell me the loot your keen eye’s would never think of touching. While I give you a fair price for your goods I get these as for a much cheaper price. It helps keeps the balance of power in our favor. I get their guns and they get, well something i would never give you let’s leave it at that. So help your old friend Marcus keep the merchant balance of power in our favor.

Quest Goals

  1. Find AhMori’s Headquarters
  2. Gain access inside by selling AhMori 1 legendary weapon of each type. (she will pay you in Eridium in exchange)
  3. Kill AhMori
  4. Return to Marcus

Quest Completion Dialog
Marcus - "What she was paying them in Eridum and keeping them for herself?! That’s a terrible business strategy!!! Guess I shouldn’t have been so worked up. Still you helped me out here’s a coupon for one of my vending machines. I had these made long ago for loyal customers… but I never handed them out, enjoy.

Reward: Marcus Coupon
Effect: Turn into any of Marcus’ machines to get the Item of the Day for $1"
Flavor text: “The #1 price for my #1 Customer”
^^^(I know it’s a lousy reward but the real reward is permanently unlocking the boss fight which you can manipulate to try and farm for a specific type legendary.)

I like the idea (duh i made it) because I think it shows a good over-exaggerated view of a player who farms for all kinds of guns to the point they have more guns in storage then they know what to do with, so AhMori made a way for her to use all she collected even if it’s not an effective way to use it. Also the way she’ll avoid fighting you to pick up guns is a funny jab at players who in the middle of battle will stop everything to run towards good loot they see on the ground.

So what you think of mine? Look foreward to seeing some of yours. :joy:

EDIT: Changed the name slightly and made him into a her cause we need more female bandit bosses.

EDIT 2: Gave some thought about how her quest line would work.


Name: Arsenal (This is why mad scientists can’t have nice things)

Arsenal is a Humanoid mechanical weapon that constantly switches modes and parameters featuring multiple modes it can change to, each of which invites a different style of fight to changing its armor configurations forcing players to constantly switch to different weapons. It will swap combat modes roughly every 2 minutes and switch armor settings every 30 seconds.

Arsenal has a total of 3 yellow health bars. However it throws a wrench in the normal approach to dealing with armored enemies due its unique charged alloy which will absorb 1 element healing itself, take additional damage from 1 element, and negate 1 element. Which does what will change randomly every 30 seconds.

Arsenal’s modes are as follows

Aerial Supremacy Mode.
High airborn mobility while firing off paired rapid fire machine guns and small cluster munition mortars. It will be in constant motion with the only exception being when it pauses momentarily to fire the mortars.

Berserker Mode.
High ground speed, charging attacks, melee combos. Will also periodically enter a defensive stance for a few seconds where it will dodge gunfire directed at it matrix style.

Gunslinger mode.
Normal ground mobility Uses paired high caliber pistols. Can simultaneously fire at 2 different targets. Bullets fired in this mode ricochet off solid surfaces and it will use this effect to bounce shots at players hiding behind cover.

Tank Mode.
Fortified armor. Lower mobility. Takes reduced damage and has chance of reflecting bullets. The weapon used in this mode functions similar to the shotgun used by Baron Flynt. Basically it burst fires mini rockets.

Artillery mode.
Lower Mobility. Multiple rocket launchers. Lots of explosions. Mr Torgue would approve.

The final thing to note is that Arsenal’s weaponry deals elemental damage with a different element chosen randomly on each projectile and attack.

In the end Arsenal is designed to be something that will be a different experience each time it’s fought. This can be both entertaining or aggravating depending on what type of player you are since it’s design is primarily to push players into being more flexible and adaptive.

Unique reward.

Red Text: I’m a Pandoracorn’s Butthole
Manufacturer: Maliwan
Has typical SMG stats. However unlike normal Maliwan weapons it doesn’t have a charge time. It also doesn’t have an option to change elements. Instead every bullet fired from it will have it’s element chosen at random.

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Very cool post. I’ve got an epic boss fight I’ll try and remember to share later. I don’t feel like typing much atm but thanks for sharing bruv!