Game difficulty

I really loved play this game with friends, the game was hard, especially when fight against bosses.
I’ve recently reinstalled the game and i realized that the “Cloud Kill” skill is ruining my game totally, i can 1-hit every single enemy in the game, i’m killing bosses so fast i cant even hear the full dialogues…
I’m not sure if this is a bug, but it litteraly destroy enemies… Now everyone wants to be Maya in multiplayer : /
I’m writing here to let you know this, and i hope this madness will be stopped soon x)

I’m not a good english speaker, tell me if i need to explain better

Cloud Kill was buffed on October 29, 2015. So its doing what it is suppose to do. If you are in NVHM or TVHM it may be kinda over kill. But in UVHM it becomes much more balance and on par with the power game changers should have.

Thank you for the reply!
So it’s balanced in UVHM, good to know, but i can assure you is not balanced in NVHM and TVHM :frowning:

You’re welcome. At least it’s better to be to powerful now. Instead of Cloud Kill being useless like it was before. :wink: At least that’s my opinion.

Never thought is see the day where someone is saying how OP cloud kill is. :scream:

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You have a choice whether to take it or not. It is only one point…
You can stop the madness with no point in it. If u take it, dont rely on it too much. Guns will kill your enemy faster.

True. I still remember @jianderson’s nerf cloudkill thread where he showed just how underpowered it was until recently.

Is that on these forums or the old one.

The old ones I think.

Oh never mind then. I do remember an old barhoo video where they tried to kill vorac with just cloud kill and one where they tried to kill terra with just kunie. Back on topic tho. Cloud kill makes nvhm and tvhm easy mode except for enemies that resist it.

R I P nerfed cloud kill

may you slay vorac ever more

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that was me lol

I think it was like an OP8 Scaylion slave. Which is basically an armored Skag pup, and between the 4 of them they did like NO damage.

They used the enemy swap-er to replace Vora.

EDIT: Here’s the video

I could have swore it was vorac him self. Lol
Edit your right lol.