Game does not go into a window on Windowed Mode

Very odd error. The setting is set to Windowed, but the game remains full screen. I have to monitors both the a model, I’ve tried swapping the game to both displays, only connecting one monitor at time, and every time it stays on fullscreen.

Any thing I should try different?

Try lowering the Resolution. If you left it at default the window will remain the same as full screen size and it will appear as though nothing has changed.

I’ve noticed the same thing, but WyldRiles’s post makes sense.

Still, what I find more odd is that fullscreen mode in BL3 seems to work almost the exact same way as borderless window. Both take only a fraction of a second to minimize and maximize the game, whereas in other games, Alt-Tabbing out of fullscreen can take several seconds. On the flipside, fullscreen BL3 keeps using up your graphics card memory even when minimized. The implementation of video modes in this game seems so odd…


Thanks, I should’ve added this too, it rotates between modes, but the program still persists.