Game does not launch

using win 10, win updated today, game does not launch anymore.
i m on steam an did everything they suggested. reinstalled the game, verified the game cache files, updated my nvidiadrivers, shut down avast, let all the vcr exes run, rebooted the pc several times, no use

Check the file permissions on the game itself and the config and save files. There was something posted here recently about a Windows setting that was preventing the game from reading and modifying its own files.

can you link me to that - I am encountering similar issue with it but i fixed bl2 but not TPS

This thread, and links therein:

Sorry I can’t be more specific, but that should at least give you a list of things to check first, and enough info to search for the specifics. Good luck!


Thank you

Quick scan and seems little over my head but going to see if I can follow logic and resolve it.

I just do not understand why bl2 stop and started working again and TPS isnt

thank you