Game doesn`t start!


I´ve got the following problem:

I installed the Game on my Xbox, the update was also downloaded.
Then Ic wanted to start it. I see the Battleborn screen, then follows the 2K screen, followed by the gearbox logo. Then the screen freezes for a moment and I get kicked back to the xbox-home screen.
OK, frustrating. So I erased the cache. Nothing changed. I deleted the game, installed everything again. But nothing changed. I can`t play the game, i get always kicked out like I described above.

I would be really glad if somebody can help me out here.


EDIT1: Thanks for the answers, but the servers are on and the game still doesn`t start. My friends can run their game. So the problem has to be somewhere else


It’s not out yet

It going to unlock on the 3rd. Time dependant on where you live:

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Where are you and is your areas server up yet?

I believe you have to wait till midnight regardless of time zone on xbox

the game doesnt wanna start for me either help gearbox please

I am having the same problem as well. The beta did the same thing as well. I am beyond frustrated with this game.

I’m having the exact same problems.

Exact same problem, after the gearbox logo the game just closes without an error message. Tried reinstalling the game twice makes no difference.

Seems strange it has not been addressed already or mentioned and why does it only affect some people not as if we are doing anything differently and yes I have submitted a ticket

Have you two put in support tickets?

Yes I have put in a ticket it says to clear the xbox cache which I have done

I did read this was happening in the beta and the fix was to change your gamerpic but this has not worked for me

I have tried everything and nothing gearbox or 2K has worked or helped in anyway. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game 3 times and nothing. I am really getting upset that I have spent $60 to see a game crash over and over. I was seriously looking forward to playing this game and now I don’t even know if I want to keep it any longer. I hope there is a patch or fix to this sometime soon.

I’m going to try for a refund and just get it on pc.

i dont have a good enough pc to play it and I got it digital so i am out of luck getting my money back

Oh I have digital also is it non refundable? Oh well I’ll wait for the fix and then refund from pc lol

yah digital is non refundable i hope a patch is pushed soon to fix the bug because if its not i dont know how much i will end up playing the game

so the digital copy freezes at the gearbox logo? also i traded my new battleborn game for another new battleborn and it still had the problem as well

Are you game sharing?

This is happening to me too. I’ve power cycled my xbox, reset my router, cleared the cache, reinstalled the game… But it still crashes at the Gearbox logo. It happened during the beta as well, so obviously they didn’t fix the problem before releasing to the general public. And for the record, I didn’t get the game until 2 days after release, so yeah… It’s available! This is crap.