Game expects you to carry multiple loadouts, yet gives you no bag space. Lol

Was watching an interview with the guy in charge of Mahem mode, where he said the goal was to try and promote using different gear to overcome Mayhem modifiers.

And yet, in a LOOT and Shoot game, where you literally get countless items at the end of every Slaughter Shaft event, I am limited to 40 slots, making multiple trips around the arena and back to try and collect everything, whilst already retaining 20+ items that I switch between loadouts.

Other games provide 100, 200, 300+ backpack slots (Division 2 I think). So what’s the reason to have such negative synergy with game mechanics here? There are well over a 100 unique items in the game, and I’m not allowed to collect them all unless I spread them amongst all my characters?

Come on @Gearbox. Sort this out.

Edit for those who are pedantic:
Division 2 is an example of a game with 100 slots for backpack when fully maxed, and has an upcoming patch where the bank storage is being increased to 300.

As BL3 is a game with over 200 unique items. Having 4 chars with 40 slots each + bank with 50, gives you 210 slots in total, which is really no room at all if you wanted to collect them all or have mutiple variants with different elements etc.

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No. the default in that game is 30 slots. Also you can’t buy any upgrades to it until you’re level 30. If you’re going to point to a specific example, at least have the correct information.

Completely Agree , frigging weapon type multiplier and element multiplier . How am i suppose to carry this much? bank are so small as well , cant we just get more space ? ill pay the money or eridium for it xd

Not sure what the Div 2 was maxed at but I know I had 5 loadouts/builds and although 4 of them shared a few things like the unbreakable it had to be a lot more than this game by a mile.

that reminds me new content is coming out the 15th…

well here’s the problem with the inventory system

First the whole menuing system has unacceptable latency on load. On ps4 at least, it can take up to 45 seconds till it’s ready to display the relevant content. Swapping between tabs takes at least 10 seconds.

Of all its issues this is the highest priority to fix.

Inventory management is exceedingly marginal as well. It’s buggy: Items are mislabeled. Scrolling lags and pends on item loading.

The sorting is lame. By Type in particular presumably sorts by some notion of type, but not any sensible one from my point of view.

BL2’s sort by type presented the categories sensibly. They were grouped. etc

So until we have acceptable load times and then tabs let us group gear into AND load out slots for both toon spec (specifically) and gear, I think the inventory system will remain a displeasure at best.

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I’m pretty sure once uvhm is rolled out they’ll up the sdu and the bank storage like they have in previous games

it is anoying
I stopped playing other loot shooter games after getting bored with inventory managment when space is too low

One word: Mules. Sadly, but that’s the way to go for now, till this gets adressed.

There is a good video of how to go about it the good way on YT, by a well known member of the community on this part. Just search, you’ll find it.

Got to agree.
It would be ideal if you could sell items directly from the bank as well.
Bit of a pain when your bags are full and so is your bank when you need a clear out.

I now created some MS Accounts called ProxySurrogate 1-??? (I own about 4 domains and so I have unlimited emails anyway) :grin: and befriended all of them, and they now will get a lot of mails from me to store stuff. :wink:

Of course I will need to trade a lot of money with them, around 6mio each, so that they can build their bank and back pack, but hey money is easy now anyway and better give it to my mules than lose it.

One normally would expect that in 2019 such issues should not exist anymore, but well here we are with only lousy 50 Bank Storage for at least 4 different characters.

Here a Solution for the Bank mess:
50 Slots per type (Pistols, Assault Rifles, SMGs, Shotguns, Snipers, Rocket launchers, Grenade mods, Shields, Artifacts, Class mods, Skins, Heads, Weapon Decoration, Room Decoration) sorted into tabs. This would be 700 total, which also is a nice number.

And for the Back Pack, I guess 100 would be fine.

You need to be able to SWAP from bank to bag like one weapon for another when both are full. Also you need to be able to MAIL from the bank IMHO. Such little functionality and thought put into these systems. :frowning: