Game "forgetting" visual settings too quickly. [PC]

So whenever I’d leave BL1 alone for too long(months) it would get sad a cry a little and throw out my audio and visual settings in options. Everything would get set to default minimum settings, and that was fine cause it would only happen if I left the game along for too long.

However, now whenever I close Borderlands from title menu it loses the settings I had just set moments before. It used to not do this, not sure what has changed since the last time I played or so. In my very limited experience I thought maybe something like setting the .ini to read only might help but not sure. Ideas, anyone?

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I haven’t played on PC in a few years so forgive my memory, but I recall this being an issue with Steam. The solution is where the files for keybinds and skipping the start-up screens are. Pretty sure those are the .ini files that you mention, but I’m not 100% sure. I’ll try to dig up some old threads on this and help you out.

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I did find the solution to this after awhile, and it is a problem between steam and BL1. Not exactly sure what’s the cause, but the solution involves adding the launch option “-nohomedir” through the steam game properties. I had to move my save files from one folder to the other, so if you have this problem it’d be a good idea to backup your saves before you do anything.