Game freeze after match - no XP

Game froze to black after an Incursion match and says Victory. No XP was rewarded for this match. Also, the match is not in match history.

Hope this can be resolved. Thanks!

Match ID: 20161105-024adfd3-6fb8-401f-8b03-5e5e0fcae13d
Shift Support ID: URTTYK6Z

Did you file a ticket with GBX support? That’s probably more productive than posting here.

Thank you. I was looking for that, but couldn’t find it.

No problem. Just so you know, this is a recurring but unpredictable problem. The developers have indicated that they’re investigating and trying to track down the source of the problem and a solution, but we probably won’t hear anything specific until they have a confirmed solution. Support may or may not be able to help, but they’ll do whatever they can.