Game freezes after match - no stats/xp given

FINAL EDIT: Resolved.

Playing Capture and Incursion matches this morning in Chaos mode and after the match finishes, the game freezes on the black screen and says Victory. No XP is rewarded and the stats screen never displays. I have to hard quit Battleborn game to go back to the Xbox screen.

When I reload Battleborn, the match is not shown in match history and no XP has been rewarded. So frustrating to have wasted time for nothing. I hope the issue is fixed soon. Thanks!

EDIT: I see Chaos mode has been removed again from the Versus’ playlist. Maybe you all were in the process of bringing it offline. Shame.

EDIT 2: Happened again after completing The Algorithm with an online group. Had been having success playing regular Incursion matches. Guess I should have kept playing that mode. Grrrr!