Game freezes after watching ads

Anyone else having this issue and if so, were you able to fix it? I’m totally fine with watching the ads as it gets me extra shards and helps support GBX and 2K, but the game keeps freezing so I’ve started ignoring all the drones. I’m playing on a Galaxy S5 if that makes a difference.

It happens on my Android emulator as well (my tablet’s battery died sadly and needs to be replaced).

Playing on Galaxy S6 and have the exact same thing. I just close and restart the app after watching a video and collecting the payoff.

Also playing on an emulator. Never had the game freeze at that point.
Although it does freeze upon artifact crafting, which is a bit annoying.

Galaxy S7 here and it locks up after watching a video also.

Happens all the time for me.

I’ve gotten used to just hitting tab over and over until it fixes itself. Works every time. Very annoying that it freezes though and although my “fix” works I would rather not have to get around issues myself.

However, my husband and I stopped/slowed down playing Tap for this reason and it also froze his game when he switched phones and it deleted all of his progress so he isn’t playing ever again.

It was fun for a while but we’ve moved on basically.

You need to put in a support ticket for the app and hopefully they will find a way to fix it.

i know this is an old post but i’m having this problem now :mask:. It was fine on my old phone but my new phone has better specs so its weird. Was working fine in the beginning for some time.

It’s been happening to me since I got the game. Happens to my friend also. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.