Game Freezes and Crashes When Loading New Area

I just re-downloaded Borderlands 2 after the update. I started a new character and when i got to the first knuckle dragger cut scene my game crashed and I got an error code that just said 0x0. I thought it was weird and decided to load in a character that was ahead of knuckledragger and the game worked fine. This time when i got to the dust the same thing happened. The game crashed in the loading screen for the dust and I got the same Fatal Error code of 0x0. Im re-downloading my game again right now, seeing if it helps or not. Just unsure if anyone else has this problem or not. Help would be awesome, thanks.

Is your game running as administrator? That seems to have fixed crashes for some folks.

Yea I was running as administrator. I just re-downloaded it and it worked fine. Idk what the problem is, but thank you for the help.

yup same thing mind as well re install the game thought it was UCP but it looks like it isn’t after I checked but for googling it I found this and it helped thanks!