Game Freezes Constantly When Loading Into the Vault on Promethea

Aight so I’ve already played through the campaign once with literally zero problems. Now that I have started to replay I’ve found a CONSTANT issue with loading into the vault room on Promethea. I beat the rampager easily, but when I try to go and loot in the vault, I get a white screen with an obnoxious sound loop playing. The game is literally just frozen in this state. No buttons do anything and nothing I have tried has fixed it yet. On top of all of this, even after completely restarting epic games and my computer, the but continues to happen


Experiencing the same issue, TVHM difficulty with Fl4k. Alt+F4 doesn’t kill the app either, sound continues to loop and must close the app through task manager.

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Third attempt I was able to get in…

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I have the same problem