Game freezes during Rampager Battle

I’ve tried fighting the Rampager 3 times today. I fought him a long time ago during my first play through and everything was fine. Today I’m playing on Mayhem 3 and the game freezes everytime during his second phase. It doesn’t officially crash as the music is still playing in the background, but my screen is stuck and frozen. Everything else was playing beautifully today. I cannot progress through the story though since I literally cannot beat the Rampager as it freezes.

I’ve reset my game. Took a break from the PS4 and turned it off for a few hours but nothing is working so far.

Please help :cold_sweat:


Same here… tought it had something to do with my ps4 at first. Hope it will get fixed soon .

I went down to mayhem mode 2 and that worked. I don’t know if it was a coincidence that it worked on a different mayhem mode or if the game fixed itself today.

It might be that it was because I was playing offline.

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Just had this issue happen to me yesterday 5/25/20

I sure hope they fix this issue, I might just try to put it on a lower mayhem mode to see if that is the issue.

I feel your emotions on this because it is sad that a game you & i both enjoy comes to a halt like this without no way around it!

Dag yo. Same thing on my PS4. Happened twice and I’m on Mayhem 2. Glad it’s not just me.

Unfortunately this is still a problem now as I’ve just tried it in mayhem 3 and yep same problem get the health bar down to about half way then same problem freezers done it like 4 times now really really annoying this needs sorting out

Same here. It happens to me at various points during the battle but usually when I’m standing fairly close to him. I was able one time to finish the battle by staying as far away as possible and doing damage slowly.