Game Freezes everytime i explore a new area

Hey peps and gearbox guys.

A problem i have with the game since realese is that in every area since carnivora and after this my Game keeps freezing every time i get into a new area with every character.
Everytime i have to restart the Game to paly further, however this is really annoying and actually time consuming and keeps me to finally play some alts outside of my main.

Is there a fix? or what causes the problem?

PC player btw

Full-on freeze (like the game stops working and you need to restart to continue), or like some stuttering early in the level?

I take it you verified the game files?

It freezes completly. The only thing i can do is to restard the Game entirely.

I am not sure if i verified the game files.

Hit the ellipses under the game in the library, and select Verify. It’ll check your game files, and if any of them are amiss, it’ll re-download known good ones and replace them automatically. Should only take a few minutes.