Game freezes supposedly because of cryo effects, is there any solution/communication yet?

Hello everyone,

I know the subject has already been discussed here and there but I can’t find any solution.
As some of you may have also experienced, it seems that cryo effect sometimes makes the game freeze.
I have read that it may also be because of some mayhem modifiers.
Over the past few days, I have tried using different modifiers but it doesn’t seem to prevent the issue. Today I wanted to farm the Cartel event before the update but I gave up after the game crashes before reaching the boss, three times in a row…
Has someone found a solution to this?

I know I could always play with other build but I kinda like my cryo zane build and I don’t feel like bugs should be preventing me from playing what I want.
Same for mayhem modifiers, it’s a bit sad that i have to spend time rerolling until i get those that are assumed to not cause any issue instead of being able to play with any of them.

PS: sorry for my english, it is not my native language.

Edit: it is possible that today’s patch would fix this so let’s wait and see if i experienced this again starting tomorrow

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I’m planning to retest as soon as I can - I’ve been unable to play Zane throughout the entire Cartel event, so should be a pretty easy thing to reproduce (especially with my Anarchy).

Fingers crossed.

It’s possible that a fix for this is still in the works - so even if this patch doesn’t solve it, the phase 2 patch might.

Unfortunately it still seems to be as bad as it was since Mayhem 2.0 was introduced. It happened occasionally before the patch on the 23rd of April, but now it happens every time I play.

Reproduced on Athenas after about five minutes of gameplay. Gearbox should be aware of this (as per a ticket I submitted to 2K support that I spent weeks on), so hopefully it’s coming in a later patch.

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Ok thanks, for sharing the info.

If you have Mob mentality or chain gang, re-roll till you don’t have either of them.

This is an issue regardless of Mayhem modifiers.

I’m still crashing at even mayhem 4 with Slayer and Laser Fire mayhem modifiers. You guys find any solution?

I might have this problem but I really don’t know if it’s the same. My Zane crashes from time to time, especially now since the latest patch again.

I got to the second crystal set with Zane in the guardian takedown, and it froze up. :smiley: Good times… No restarting at the midpoint, it treats you like you quit the map and thus auto-failing the mission entirely, and puts you back on Sanctuary when you restart the game (same thing as with the Maliwan takedown.)

The same scenario I’ve had with the game freezing up before with him – all those Redistributor chains and beams and whatnot going everywhere… I’m not 100% sure its cryo effects causing the freezeup since this time I was actually using a shock Redist to take down guardians faster, but then again my drone fires off a cryo Hex so that could’ve done it.


I used a shock redist aswell when I froze in the exact same place. I made this thread as I don’t know if these things are related.

i hoped this damn game would not have cryo and slag

but they had to bring one of them

Check your mayhem modifiers. If you have Mob Mentality, get rid of it.

I have mayhem switched off, so it’s something else.

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Forum search brought me here, I’m getting the same crashes as described on my Zane, but I’m not running any Cryo. I somehow suspect the SNTNL Drone, but that’s just guesswork, I really don’t have a clue.

Anyway, it’s a new bug for me since I haven’t played my Zane for a while and I’m only getting this on Zane, not on the other 3 characters.

Are there any news on this issue? I’m crashing at least once every half-hour which makes my Zane pretty much unplayable at the moment.

Edit (some more testing):
Looks like it is in fact the Mob Mentality mayhem modifier for me. No more crashes since I got rid of that.

Glad that you were able to sort it by removing a modifier - the issue with elements in general seems to be gone thankfully (as of the last patch specifically).

I did a Proving Grounds run, and an Athenas run, I’ve been using Cryo the whole time, and not a single crash. Really, really good (better than it’s ever been, basically - I always got some level of crash before now, all the way back to game launch).

Hoping these edge cases with modifiers are easier to fix.

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