Game Freezes When Loading Split Screen

Since starting BL3 in November of last year I have been transferring excess gear from my bank to one of many “off-line characters” to take advantage of their backpack space as well as their dedicated bank.

After the patch three days ago I cannot access any of my characters on any of my offline accounts when I attempt to load them to my game via split screen, the application freezes then locks up.

Step by step description:

Launch application, load main character, add split screen character from offline account.
Continue, Load screen freezes and game locks up.

Until this issue is addressed I have hundreds of pieces of hard earned gear that I cannot get to.

Truly frustrating! Someone at Gearbox please help!

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This is hitting XBox too. As far as I can make out from the various posts, it happens when an account is not linked to SHIFT. Which I’m assuming is the case with your mule accounts?

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Yes, unfortunately Sony PlayStation only allows one online account across any of it’s platforms.
In other words if you have a PS3, PS4 and PS5 you can only use the one original account.

I never thought I would be locked out of my gear in “deep storage” but here I am. :frowning:

I’m not sure if this change is deliberate or unintended consequence. Since people are supposed to be able to play off-line it wouldn’t make sense to require login to shift at all times. You may want to open a support ticket.

Does PSN do the thing like XBox Live, where you can share a subscription to on-line services (PS+ I guess that would be) with family members? If so, all you’d need would be some extra email accounts from hotmail or google and you could have the mules registered too. Seems like a lot of work though.

Thanks for the advise, I am not sure about PS having any sort of subscription sharing available.
I would not know because I have never played co op with anyone.

Yes, I thought about making email accounts for my offline PS4 accounts to sign them up for shift but as you said that is a lot of trouble to go to.

Good news!

I though maybe if I turn off the network then start the game with one of my offline characters then add one of online my characters it might load normally.

My heart sank as I saw the same freeze but then I thought lets just wait and see what happens if I do nothing. After 1m18s I entered Sanctuary! So I save/quit and tried the normal sequence where I start the game with my main character then secondary character and after the strange freeze it loaded as well.

What I noticed the second time around was the “tips text” at the bottom was not frozen and would generate new text that would overlap the first set of sentences. This would continue for the 78 seconds while the vault symbol remained frozen.

Crisis averted! :smile:

I guess we now know how long the SHIFT sign-in timeout is.

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