Game freezes when using a cryo boom sickle as Moze

I see the irony on the tittle.

So basically, every time i swap to my cryo boom sickle, there’s a good chance my game will freeze: image stops, sound keeps playing, requires a whole PC reboot. I dont even get to report this from the game so that’s why im making this post.

The conditions that cause this freeze, i dont know them exactly. So im gonna list everything i know is going on when it happens:

  • PLaying as Moze, take self damage from the boom sickle blast, suffer cryo status + burn status from her skills.
  • Having stacks of Drowning in Brass. Worth noticing, the last time i froze i noticed the stack was about to end.
  • Mayhem Mode doesnt seem to be involved, since i have been playing it no problem before using the weapon. Mayhem 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Only happens if i use the gun.
  • Cartel event is eneabled, allowing cartel thugs to spawn. Many times, they were about to spawn when the game froze. But many others, didn’t, so it should be unrelated.

I hope this gets fixed because this weapon is close enough to a god roll. But i guess i’ll park it for the time being. Any help or insight into the problem would be so much apreciated!

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Yup, i detailed this in several post replies as well as my own posting back on Saturday.

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Using cryo boom sickle on amara and game freezes also. Not ctd like amara usually does, freezes while audio continues to play. Never unfreezes


Exactly, and its very annoying having to reboot the whole PC to close it. (Alternatively i just hit “close user session” on windows and when the message “BL3 is still runing, close?” i hit cancel, and it returns you back to the desktop with all APPs closed.)

But still. Game freezing so god damn often just for having a good weapon, pisses me off…

This isn’t a solution to the problem unfortunately, but when I get these types of freezes, I’m able to alt-tab out of BL3, go to Task Manager, and force-close the BL3 exe. Have you tried that? Hopefully that will work, it’s less annoying than having to reboot the whole PC.

I can’t alt-tab out when this happens but by opening task manager, options then checking ‘always on top’, when it happens i can ctrl-shft-esc and close BL3 from task manager

I stopped using the cryo boom sickle and indeed the game stopped freezing. It only happened again way later in the day and i think it was because i got frozen…? I will write here if it happens again, but pretty sure its related to the cryo debuff.

I went to play after this post and i crashed 2 more times. I think i’ll park the game for a while, sigh…

Both times i noticed the game froze the moment statuis effects applied to me, not just frost. A badass shot me with a single corrosive rocket and as soon as the bubbles started appearing the game crashed, nothing else was happening. Cartel was disabled too so its unrelated.

I guess the deal with elemental boom sickles is that they can hit you too, and cause elemental dot.

Why the hell did this start happening to me just a few days ago? I havent had this sort of crash since the game launched!

make a note of the mayhem modifiers that are in the roll. re-roll so none of them are there, then try again.

sometimes that can be the culprit as well

So, 2 days later, i keep crashing but i think i havefound a pattern.

Another thread about the same problem is pretty much the right answer: elemental DoT on mayhem mode. Get frozen or freeze something, you crash.

HOWEVER COMMA. I think it depends on the mayhem level:

I went through the whole takedown on M4 and didnt have a single problem. No crash using my weapons.

Then i went on M6 to farm wick n warty, and i crashed right away. Interestingly though, the crash happened when i threw 3 quasars at the enemy groups. Making a LOT OF CHAIN SHOCK EFFECTS.

That said, modifiers dont seem to be a specific answer. Through several rerolls the crashes still happened.

I also played some hours without mayhem on a low level amara and i didnt crash once, just like M4.

So my theory is, M5 and above have high chances of crash due to elemental damage. GOD KNOWS WHY.

I hope we get some fix for this soon, i want to play again without problems but this really pushes me away. Hell, i cant even invite my friend because i will crash and it will be a waste of time for the poor guy, with his slow loading times…

I use amara with no cryo at all. And others are complaining about this freeze/crash it might be the new modifiers honestly… and yeah the game is unplayable at the moment. On mayhem 10 the game freezes about every 15 minutes and requires a hard PC reset. I hope they extend the cartel event because of this. I haven’t been able to get any M10 weapons from that. I’ll just play something else until this corrects. I’m not going to play 15 minutes reset my computer. Wait another 10 minutes and repeat the process.

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I get a hitch every now and again but cryo, as a rule, isnt the culprit. It’s the modifiers and how particular ones deal with cryo/screen frame effects.

Cryo is the main instigator, but it’s the mayhem mods. I’m running M6 with Slayer, Pain Tolerance, Floor is Lava, and Chain Gang.

Haven’t had a crash in a few days. Anything that generates an extra, like the frozen ball, or drone, or heart, seems to trigger the cryo locks.

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Right. I just crashed again (so i came to the forums to see if there’s any fix coming but…) and there wasnt anything special going on.

Mayhem 3 - galaxy heads, fire imbued enemies, and another i forgot about.
Lectra City, wick n worty farming, i shoot at an officer bot and the game crashes, reboot.

What happened in that shot is some Kaoson explosions on the robot, with fire bonus from moze skills.
Maybe that fire damage conflicted with the fire element resistance modifier, idk… Im running out of theories after TWO WEEKS OF CRASHING.

From my experience it’s the invulnerability drone and other modifiers that add object like cryo nova, and spinners… mainly the drone though. I changed my modifiers to something that doesn’t have a added object and I haven’t crashed in 3 hours when I was crashing every 15 minutes before.

Idk if this post will revive the thread but it better do because nothing has changed.

I stopped playing a month ago when mayhem 2.0 got too ridiculous, but that wasnt the only reason.
The second reason was constantly freezing, 90% of the time when using the cryo boom sickle.

And guess what happened today?
5 freezes in 1 hour. I have a pic of it atleast:

freeze 1

Any ideas, gearbox? I dont wanna scrap my favorite vladof for a dumb glitch.

It mostly happens when taking self damage from it, thats all i know. It also isnt just the cryo boom sickle. Out of the 5 crashes i had, 1 of them was using the Monarch at long range.

Mob mentality is probably your culprit. re-roll your mayhem modifiers so that you do not have it.

nonono. I was playing without mayhem. UVHM only, raw. I froze the game 5 times in 1 hour, using the cryo boom sickle.

In 2 days it didnt happen, until i equipped it. I took it away again, and IM NOT FREEZING ANYMORE.

This gun has something going on that causes a major block in the calculaiton of damage, im sure.
Specially since im playing as moze, which causes the bullets to have like, a lot of variables applied to each one of them.
Explosive alterations, fire bonuses, fire chances, all that stuff… its too much i guess…

This sucks. Its so awesome to plaster the enemies with explosive cryo sickles.

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Damn, really wanted to try mine out again. Ah well.

oh please do, if you have a cryo boom sickle, and report back if you crash. Gotta figure out this one