Game Freezing after 5-10 minutes

TItle is the problem. A couple months ago the game was running perfectly fine at 60fps. Then one day I launched and began having severe frame drops, so I tried to resolve it by reinstalling the game. Now that is has been reinstalled, the game runs smoothly for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then it beigns to freeze with the audio playing in the background. It does this up to three times and then will not unfreeze and I must kill it in task manager.

This is my pc
ASUS Q543UX Notebook running WIndows 10 Home

Any other games on your PC showing similar signs of stress? Since there have been no game updates or hotfixes in that period of time, my guess would be either that you’re getting hardware problems with your Notebook, or that some system update is screwing with the game graphics. Was there a change in graphics drivers in that period?

I looked the other day and there does seem to be a driver update, so I’ll try that. No other games have had stress.

Seems to be a common problem in Windows 10 right now, but I’m afraid I don’t know enough to trouble-shoot. My suggestion would be to try reverting to the graphics driver you had before the game started crashing. The reasoning being that BL2 is still only listed as supported on systems up to Win 7, so there’s an increased risk as time goes on that system and driver updates will break the game.

I’m going to ping @JoeKGBX on this, though, to see if he can find out anything on the other end:

Joe, bunch of people experiencing the same symptoms on Win 10 with BL2. Any idea if this is a known issue?

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Also, @Adabiviak, @Omega59 - either of you experiencing the same problems?

Freezing or crashing, no. Severe frame drops because the game doesn’t use my hardware at all, yes.

Alright, I’d recommend clean installing your graphics drivers, personally. I don’t have the time to explain right now, but I’ve posted how to do it enough times that someone should be able to find my explainations somewhere around here.

Just bear in mind, Borderlands 2 and Windows 10 have had so many issues when paired together, it’s insane. And it doesn’t seem to be drivers doing it, at least not to me. My best guess is that it’s got something to do with how DX9 changed in Windows 8.1, and also got capped to 4GB of VRAM.

Thanks for responding!

If that is part of the issue, would limiting the size and resolution of the game window help at all?

In terms of FPS, probably. But VRAM makes very little difference for resolution, it’s mostly just content and how fast the VRAM is.

BL2 is as stable and smooth as ever in Windows 10 for me. Playing in Opportunity is still a ticking time bomb, but that was the case in Xp and 8.1 as well. I am using Windows 10 Pro (build 14393.693), in case that has something to do with it. I also have the rendering engine set to Cinematic, but I doubt that has anything to do with it.

Windows 10 is apparently notorious for adding updates (for better or worse) that are probably the culprit; I’ve had some updates not do anything, where I’ve had others update my video card driver to the detriment of the game, which I manually rolled back. (edit - the only way I noticed is because the new driver had G-Sync off by default, which was noticeable during gameplay… not sure I would have otherwise known.)

I can also make it crash somewhat with heavy use of Unf0rseen. I mean, it’ll take quite some time (several hours?) of gameplay to make this happen, but I’ll go to zap something into oblivion, and the game will hang at the instant of death. I think it’s choking on how to handle the lootsplosion, but even this is rare enough that I don’t avoid using Unf0rseen… I may go for days between these instances.

Probably PhysX’s fault there. It’s all but disappeared nowadays, and I don’t think it’s been updated for a very, very long time.

[quote=“Omega59, post:9, topic:1557573”]Probably PhysX’s fault there.[/quote]Almost certainly… I’ve had Unf0rseen cause the lootsplosion to break and manifest as a floating ball of loot where the enemy died. You can pick through the items one at a time, but they’re layered. As in, while I can see a rifle or grenade in there, if it’s not on “top”, I can’t grab it. If a health vial is on top and I’m full of health (can’t pick it up), I can’t get to any of the other loot. Weird, but yeah… Physx. Still totally worth it to me though :smile:

I would be surprised if there wasn’t a stable install of BL2 running on Windows 10 Home somewhere (or an unstable install on Windows 10 Pro). If so, finding out what Windows is doing that creates this instability will be a drag (not that it’s not worth doing, especially since this will probably be the PC platform du jour for BL3, just that it’s not likely to be as simple as a single video card driver or something).

I am acting on the assumption that these players have all verified the integrity of their game caches in Steam and don’t have any modded gear that could choke the game engine when it’s fired or equipped. Safe to say?

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Never had that happen, myself. Well, I have had items just float above the ground, but not stuck where they spawn. Do you have PhysX above low? It might be the sheer amount of objects causing objects not to update. Which in that case, a trip to the INI files may help.

I have professional, but my problem is performance, not at all in stability. And like I said, it likely has everything to do with DirectX 9 getting changed for the worse in Windows 8.1, and the changes staying for Windows 10. People commonly report lower performance in DX9 games, and issues with the low amount of VRAM. Even I’m affected by it, using RAM to store more things in memory creates some measure of extra stability, and especially speed when swapping things out from RAM to VRAM. I used to have like 6GB of Virtual VRAM for DX9, now I have 2GB, since I have a 2GB GPU.

Interestingly, my worst case DX9 scenario (ENB, rather hefty one too) of Skyrim performs better than Windows 7, but it is my only game that is DX9 and performs better than before.

Verifying the game is weird, it always has 1 file that needs to be downloaded that never downloads. Or did that change yet? As for modded gear, unless it shoots hundreds of pellets per second or have ridiculous particle effects, most should be just fine.

[quote=“Omega59, post:11, topic:1557573”]Do you have PhysX above low? It might be the sheer amount of objects causing objects not to update. Which in that case, a trip to the INI files may help.
[/quote]I have it on high. On my previous rig that had a rougher time with the game, I turned other stuff down so I could keep Physx on high (AA, AO, and bullet marks, for example). With my new display/rig, that’s not an issue, and I don’t really notice the occasional dip in framerate down into the 30s unless I have the framerate on display.

Where can I tell how much video RAM the OS/game sees via DirectX 9 (as opposed to what is technically available in hardware)?

Actually, it’s an easy formula. 4064MB. If your card has more than 4GB, all 4064MB are from your GPU. If you’re like me, with 2048MB or whatnot, you subtract that amount from 4064, then the rest is what’s available as RAM, roughly. However, if you want a good tester application, the ENB VRAM tester shows the issue off pretty well.

Edit: I recall having more VRAM in DX9 than 10 in Windows 7, but I’m not sure. But, it is relevant though.

My video card comes with 6GB of onboard video RAM, so this should all be coming off card:

Still, in answer to the original posters’ questions, they’re dealing with instability more so than low performance… think DirectX 9 issues would go that far?

I don’t know, but there definitely is a difference between 7 and 8.1 and above. The capped VRAM could be evidence of a more severe issue, but that’s as much as I know.

I said I’d post instructions for doing a clean graphics driver install, but considering how many people have needed the instructions, it may warrant a thread in of itself so I don’t have to keep posting links. What do you think?

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Yeah a thread would be appreciated. I think that’s what im going to try, but I’m not sure if it will fix it because I still have the same drivers that the game ran on when i first played. Haven’t updated yet.

Windows tends to break graphics drivers over time and muck with them. Not a good thing.

There you go.

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@zlobsic, @grommashi, @cacklen0001, @varren57: I’m going to suggest that you try reverting your graphics drivers using the procedure posted by @Omega59

Please post whether or not this solved your problem, and which version(s) of drivers were involved if at all possible - this could help others having the same problems.

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My advice would be to submit a support ticket. The benefit to this is that our team will be able to get documentation on each specific circumstance, and that could be useful in helping others!