Game Freezing again (REPOST)

Hey guys, just wanted to post here again about the game freezing on windows 10. A month or so ago I posted a similar thread and got help, and did a clean graphics driver install, and even opened a support ticket with Gearbox, and the game was running fine just until the other night, when the problem started ocurring again. I’ve already tried to clean install drivers and have had limited success. I really am not looking for a fix. I just want to bring this up again because I know alot of us would appreciate some update from Gearbox about this game and windows ten.

I don’t recall where the other thread is at the moment (hoping a mod will merge these threads anyway), but I do find that maybe one in about a dozen times, BL2 will have horrible framerates (I’m talking a steady ~20 FPS at the menu screen). A full Windows reboot (restarting the game and/or Steam won’t do it) brings things back (300+ FPS unless I turn G-Sync on and/or start hammering out the Physx). I’m not sure what’s doing that, but if I could put my finger on it, well, it’d be a start (for that failure mode anyway, and it might point to other things). It’s not freezing though.

My gut says it’s how Windows is loading/handling the video drivers and/or DirectX. Even if that were true, I wouldn’t know where to go from there for a fix, but still.

Is the freezing intermittent between Windows reboots?

I honestly have no idea how to fix it right now. The freezing is persistent even through reboots. I went back through the suggestion of waht worked from my actual support ticket, and nothing so far, so I opened a new one. God I am so pissed about this. I just want to loot and shoot, but I can’t.

@JoeKGBX can you give us any help here?

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Hi @varren57,

Happy to help!

You mention above that you’d opened a support ticket with us. Is it still open by chance?

It’s definitely Windows 10 issue.
My friend had some issues with bl2 and fps being bad (his PC was not great, but good enough to run bl2). He had trouble reaching 60 fps. After installing Windows 7, he was having ± 80 fps with no drops below 60.
I have a FPS drop issue too, happens the most in locations like Tundra Express, Sawtooth Cauldron, Overlook…and I’m sure my game ran better overall with windows 8.1. It happens in pre-sequel too, but less noticably.
@JoeKGBX Are your BL2 tickets still being redirected to 2K Support? Because if yes, it’s waste of time.
All they ever recommend is to reinstall drivers, directx etc and to provide dxdiag, msinfo files. And in the end, they will reply that they can’t solve your issue.

BTW. Battleborn runs a lot better than BL2 for me after upgrading to gtx 1060.

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I had to open a new one, and it is through 2k support. I have had no response yet

Yeah the tickets still go thru 2k, and last time I finally got it working for a few weeks after a clean boot, but I tried that already and nothing is working. I did get an error msg a few weeks back and saved it and attached it to my ticket on 2k, I’ll add it to this post when I am off mobile

Feel free to keep me posted on it, ok? :slight_smile:

Will do!

Hey Joe, the support ticket is going as expected: asking me to update drivers, validate steam files, run dxdiag and SFC and give sys info. Nothing has fixed it. I have also provided the help agent with an error msg that they just have not payed any attention to. Here it is:
That is a link to the picture, i just use that subreddit as my personal image host and testing for css lol

It sounds like they’re just trying to knock off the obvious stuff at the start – driver updates, etc. Good call on sending them the pic. Every little bit helps!

I’m guessing next step they’ll ask you to completely reinstall game / run in compatibility mode / reinstall to diferrent drive.
After that, expect "Unfortunately, we have now tried all the possible solutions for this issue. My sincere apologies that we could not get it working for you!"
EDIT: After updating to latest version of windows 10, I’ve noticed some issues with Dirty Bomb too - another game running on Unreal Engine 3. Is it possible that there’s something wrong that prevents games to run correctly on latest OS?

While BL2 is quite capable of running well on Windows 10, I think I’ve put my finger on what causes (in my case at least) the occasional slowdowns (and I’m talking ~20 FPS, not the freezing the original poster is talking about): Windows Defender. It’s on all the time and isn’t otherwise an issue, but when it’s busy downloading/updating (much less scanning), that seems to be when I notice it.

I’ve added my Steam folders to the exclusion list and turned off real time scanning, but I think once it’s been crawled over by Windows Defender in this manner, it’ll take a reboot to bring it back. If it goes on good behavior for like a month or so after this reboot, I might be more confident pointing the finger at this as a culprit.

One thing I notice when I first start the game (when it will wind up in this condition) is that it takes unusually long to “Search for Downloadable Content” (usually this takes like a second, where in the case of this failure mode, this will take maybe a bit over a full five seconds).