Game freezing occasionally since broken hearts update

Ok, so i just started up my game and ive notice 2 things. First, ive opened 5 red chests and no legendaries. I thought the event was for another week? And yeah, Hotfixes are enabled per title screen.
Secondly, i have noticed a severe lag sometimes…well not really lag because i still get that with the recursion and brainstormer and i know thats my frames. But i mean, just random freezing in the middle of combat. Been playing this game since release and ive never experienced this. On Xbox


That sux. Thanx.
Anyone else experiencing crappy freeze frames? Maybe its the broken heart event?
Idk, but its seriously killing my vibes during combat.

I’m on a regular XBOne. I’ve noticed a little stuttering, usually shortly after loading into an area, and once when Indo Tyrant spawned out of Wainwright’s door. But it hasn’t been bad or persistent.

Of course, when you’re having this sort of problem on an XBOne, the first question is: when did you last do a proper reboot?

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What do you mean a proper reboot?
Like turn it completely off and then back on?
Or unplug from wall and then plug back in and turn back on?
I also thought, maybe, my little boy has had it on all day watching Disney Plus and when he goes to bed, i start playing. So i would say my xbox has been on for about 12 hours, maybe even longer. Could that be it?

Sorry, meant to reply to you on the first message

Yeah, the first step to try with XBOne performance issues is generally a complete power down/reboot. And in my personal experience, video services (YT, Netflix, Hulu, etc.) seem to gum up the works consistently.

Original XB1, same as @jgartenbenz - leaving the game running for a long time, or having had someone else do a Netflix binge, seems to clog up the system cache. I’ve taken to periodically doing the power reset (power off, unplug brick, wait 15-30s, re-plug and restart) and that seems to keep random video freezes down to a minimum.

The Red chests now sucks. On THVM Level 53 they should NOT give you rares and below. After a slaughter you get one Red chest with crap inside… Yey…

I noticed the same thing the other night and again last night. I was trying to farm the Borman Bates chest and wondered why I was getting no legendaries, BUT I was getting them from Borman. I knew something was up. Ending it early blows big time. And I’ve noticed the same thing, horrible lag, and it’s been getting worse every time I play the game. I’m also on Xbox One X and wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.

I shut it off last night and unplugged it from wall. Turned it on this morning and fired up borderlands 3 and its now very noticeable. Its literally putting me in FFYL. I have no idea whats going on here. Maybe i should try playing another game but its not something i can try until tonight.
I hope its not my xbox 1. Its only about 2 years old and i played about 500 hours of BL2 and never had this issue.
Has anyone tried disabling the broken hearts content? Im almost to 100 hearts with my last character so i dont wanna turn it off yet.

Im on Xbox 1 Pro, the little white one. It doesnt have the bricks like the old ones.
This is the first time ive experienced performance issues and i really hope i dont need to get a new Xbox.
Do you think uninstalling the game would help? Or maybe trying offline for a little bit?
It’s not lag from like a recursion or brainstormer, its legitimately freezing gameplay. Normally in the middle of combat but ive also noticed it when randinly running around. Kinda like when you open your inventory or switch to your skill tree. Idk

Instructions here:

Looks like you just pull the cable after powering off and wait at least 10s.

Try that first, and see how it goes. I doubt playing off-line would make that much of a difference. Turning down the frequency of the in-game social notifications can help though. In-game: Settings > Network & Social > Social Media Notifications Frequency > OFF

Alright, thanx.
I may try firing up BL2 and see how that plays. If the freezing continues, i know its a hardware issue.
If it doesn occur, it has to be something with BL3 and a new hotfix or something.
Thanx again

BL3 is taxing on most systems. There’s a long thread in the tech support section detailing more serious issues than simple freezing with the XB1X that only occur with BL3 (and you’d think that the XB1X would be better able to handle the game, unless it’s the 4K textures that aren’t included with the original XB1 version.)

Well ■■■■, that doesnt make me feel any better. Lol.
I find it strange that its only started happening now, after the update to 53 and Broken Hearts event. Ive ran every character to 50, been playing since the release night and only now, the last ccouple days seeing this happening.
Slightly makes me feel a little better that i might not need a new Xbox, then makes me sad that my favorite game is doing this regardless of a new one or not.

Changed the name of the post to reflect more serious topic.
Just wanting to see if this is affecting anyone else out there since the level increase and broken hearts update

I play on an Xbox One X and haven’t had any issues.

Had it freeze up a couple times on PS4 Pro since the update. Even on the character selection menu.

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Yeah, the longest freeze ive had so far is about 3 seconds, in the middle of combat. Came out of it and was in FFYL. I’m not running the takedown until i can figure out whats going on.
Thanx for the feedback.

Tried to play again tonight, just enough to get the rest of the broken hearts for Moze and the freezing was horrible. At one point i thought i was gonna have to restart the game by dashboarding. I got just enough to break 100 hearts and turned it off. This is crazy.
Tomorrow ill try disabling it and see how that goes but goodnight, what if it’s the level cap update that did it?