Game freezing on Guardian Takedown

Encountering multiple freezes in the new takedown where the sound just keeps looping while the image on the screen seem to be stuck. Also noticed that the game is ‘Not Responding’ in the task manager. I was on mayhem 10 with Speed Demon, Healy Avenger, Pool Party, and Buddy Sytem as the modifiers.

It’s really frustrating since the takedown is already so difficult, and when the game freezes, you’ve got no choice but to start all over again since there are no spawn points unlike the normal maps.

Apart from gear and player skills, you need a lot of luck to finish the new takedown. If you don’t fall off the map due to platforming or an enemy yeeting you off the edge, the game will decide to just freeze the game.

I’ve already submitted a ticket and none of the suggestions have worked. I’ve basically re-installed the game. My system is also well above the minimum specs, and I’m not running anything on the background.

Looks like the mob mentality modifier was just a catalyst for a deeper issue. While I can’t create the insta-lock on demand like i can when mob mentality is active, i’ve had the same thing happen twice over the last couple of days.

so they haven’t fixed the problem, just covered it up a bit.

Freezing in Takedown for me, too.

I won’t go near Mob Mentality, anymore.

Then I found a combination that I haven’t had problems with… Speed Demon, High Voltage, Chain Gang, Not the Face. Not exactly the best for the Takedown.

So switched to Speed Demon, Healy, Laser Fare, Buddy System and I started freezing again.

I have read about Laser Fare being a problem, too. But you were not using that one.