Game froze after exiting Lost 8 golden keys 4 hours of playtime and i cant redeem the shift codes anymore

Hi, I was playing borderlands 3 yesterday was really enjoying myself. I redeemed about 5 shift codes I found had about 8 golden keys finished quite a few missions. After playing for about 4 hours I decided to quit the game i quit to desktop and the game froze, I left it sit for about 3 hours hoping it would close and it didnt so i force closed it and when i booted it up today all of the shift codes i entered were still there but i had no golden keys none of the loot i had gotten from yesterday and was demoted about 3 levels.

Did you try checking your in-game social then messages? For reasons beyond comprehension they put the shift codes there and then you have to hit the same accept button like 5-10 times per message to collect every key from a single message.